I feel so much better health wise and how I carry myself, I feel so much healthier and stronger, I am more confident in myself and my strength and am able to do things I always said I couldn't do, like pull ups, push ups and running a mile outside in the freezing cold! I actually like getting up early now it's helped me eat healthier and I'm excited about going to the gym and eating healthy!


Working out has got me more motivated and energy thorough out my days. 1 hour in the morning working out makes me feel really good and energized. Not to mention I am able to eat and not feel guilty about it. But I am also more conscious about what I eat too. Seeing my teammates faces at the gym is also supportive. I am thankful that I had this opportunity because if it wasn't for the doctors pushing me, I wouldn't have done it and met one of my goals for the end of 2016.


It has been a great experience and a blessing at the same time. It is motivational, a stress reliever and fun , but kicks your butt at the same time. I am very thankful to have been introduced to Garrett, he is by far a great trainer, the MAC Reno is awesome. I also took my 12 year old son into a boot camp class that turned into kick boxing class and he loved it, there was even other boys his age there!!family oriented Thank you


Working out has helped me begin each day with purpose and clarity; feeling energized (even when I am so sore it hurts every muscle in my body to laugh!) because the more I push the more energy I seem to get... such an awesome contradiction! ! I have struggled with anxiety since I was a teenager - and the most important and best "side effect" I have noticed is that I feel more calm and positive.  So much so that family and friends have noticed many times since I began my workouts at MAC.  It's like a blessing and miracle all in one fantastic place.


Walking into the MAC brings a smile to my face no matter what kind of day I am having.


MAC is much more than a gym...it becomes a family.


In spite of suffering with a chronic autoimmune disease, I have become stronger and healthier than I ever thought possible since working out at the MAC. The support of the trainers and fellow members has help me focus on what I can do instead of what I can’t.


Joining the MAC over a year ago changed my life forever. The day I walked into the doors, I was welcomed with an eager team that never let me down. I just decided to keep showing up. Daryl spent so much time investing in my progress and my concerns. Josh pushed me to my max. I used to think to myself “i’ll never be able to do anything these people can do.” I simply thought I wasn’t strong enough. So, I continued to just show up…. every…single…day. One day, I decided I had nothing to hold back and tried something I was afraid to do. The MAC encouraged me not to be scared of failing. I found myself at the MAC; but more importantly, I found family there too.


The MAC has everything I need to live a healthy lifestyle and maintain the level of shape I desire. I'm not trying to be in the best shape of my life and dont want to get burned out, so the MAC allows me to stay motivated and challenged. The most important thing I believe about any specialty gym is the instruction. The head trainer connects to everybody no matter what level of fitness they are in or trying to achieve. He's a down to earth guy that makes everyone feel comfortable and confident in what they do. He never makes himself or anyone else feel superior and I trust in his training regime. With that said the equipment is top notch and the facility has everything you could possibly need. I have worked out with many elite trainers and athletes through my sports career and rate the MAC one of the best.


What an awesome facility and top-notch trainers! The combination of a state of the art fitness center and elite trainer make working out fun. The workouts are different every time you enter the gym. There is no boredom and you always feel like you are learning to conquer something new! I love going in and having the trainers push me to be stronger and more agile. You truly feel like an athlete able to conquer skills that you didn't think were possible. He is not only motivating, but skilled. You will see results. Try out the MAC!