The outcomes found in tactical performance, sports competition and combat are decided largely by more than just physical fitness. One’s life experience, their mental and emotional preparation, and the diversity within their functional fitness training is what wins the individual event, and when individuals compete or work as a team.  Superior training in all of these modalities is a determining factor to success, but really the development of the spirit in an individual and a better understanding of where they are in relationship to the challenge is the most powerful force on the field.


We live in a society that is very much influenced by comfort, often a sense of entitlement and seeking outcomes in life and physical performance that do not involve earning them through hard work, or understanding the power of learning about themselves as individuals and while working in teams. A visit or a training experience at any typical gym offers the idea of what many in society think it means to be physically prepared; isolated training either in cardiovascular work or weight resistance training is not how any athlete should prepare for physical performance or the transference of that training environment to life. There must be relevance from the training environment to life and modern fitness is too often defined by appearance rather than work capacity and functional performance. Training environments which embrace appearance over performance will not produce superior physical performance and will not transfer what is earned in the training environment to life. At TAP we strongly believe that nothing of value can be learned or extracted by simply conducting daily workouts with no relevance to the need for you to perform on any field or in life. The value extracted at TAP is realized when the athlete commits all their resources: physical, mental, emotional and most importantly the development and maturity of spirit for individual or team based events. In that environment and in competition the athlete learns and develops as a human being.