Stay Strong 

Please contact us for current Stay Strong Schedule

We are excited to announce a STAY STRONG PROGRAM that is designed to improve your mental toughness, confidence, leadership, and teamwork. The team constructed to develop and coach Stay Strong is comprised of special operation experts and Olympic level athletes with decades of experience improving performance of many around the world. The Mission of Stay Strong is to develop an attitude that promotes the spiritual, mental, and personal growth of our clients and is transferable and relevant to everyday life.
Who is this event for:  If you are wanting to grow as an individual this is for you or your team! Anyone that desires to improve their mental toughness, individual and team leadership skills, and really learn about themselves is welcome. Are you wanting to grow as an individual, Father, Mother, Leader?  Then Challenge yourself and spend time with us at Stay Strong.
When is Stay Strong:  Saturday mornings at the Mayberry Athletic Center.
Do I need a team:   Come as an individual or as a team.  We will all be together in this journey.
What will the components of the event include:  There will be physical components that challenge you to work as a team, mental aspects that require you to learn about yourself and adapt, and life skills that may assist you, your family or team when needed.