Call of Duty, Call for Life.


Our mission at Tactical Athletic Performance (TAP) is to provide functional fitness challenges to raise money for organizations, families and individuals in need. The challenges are designed as team events and will test the individual athlete as well as the team. The common theme with our events is a willingness to learn, sometimes through failure; to work hard and overcome the current self and change, and to realize the importance of a life well lived in contrast to one completely wasted. We resonate with the importance of developing a sense of spirit, and the relevance of the event environment to life. To the realization that the person or persons you are fighting for in each event are sometimes in a life or death situations and that WE fight together as a team, a community and as a family.


Service (Service): To others, above self

Integrity (Integritas): You are what you do, and how you live your life

Work Ethic (Work Ethicam): The path to success is punctuated by hard work and the reconstruction of self

Spirit (Spiritus): The development of a contagious desire to better one’s self, your teammates and your community

Relevance and Adaptation (Aparte): Discovering one’s self, one’s talents, weakness and intentions and learning to adapt and become relevant in the face of any challenge