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Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the realization that something else is more important than fear itself.

What We Are

  • Stay Strong is a crucible that forges mental and physical toughness, and is for those who commit to developing themselves and the attitude required to face one’s self, learn from hardship, and adapt through the process.
  • The Crucible creates an environment where experiencing hardship alongside each other create Trust, Legitimacy and Learning for Life.
  • The physical challenges at Stay Strong are the ticket of admission, the attitude developed during the process lasts a lifetime.
  • True worth is in being and doing, not in saying and seeming.

What We Are Not

  • Stay Strong is not a fast-food, global gym environment.
  • Stay Strong training is not for sport, it is for life.
  • We are not elitist, we are work horses.


The purpose of Stay Strong is to train the individual, but most importantly we train the heart and soul of what drives us in life, competition, and the physical and emotional endeavors we may face. The common theme that binds our clients is the COMMITMENT and WILL to prepare individually and in teams for any challenges on any field and in life. Most opportunities in life are achieved through our interactions with others while experiencing the good and bad. In Stay Strong you will work with your brothers and sisters to redefine yourself, learn more about yourself with each new experience, and realize your actual potential.

For so many, life is often squandered, focused merely on appearances with no substance, and failing to identify and develop the foundation needed to live a life worth living. The training at Stay Strong is prescriptive in nature, with no shortcuts, but a process for developing from the simplicity of our physical performance into a matured mental toughness and resilience state of mind. Your physical and psychological barriers will be challenged alongside trustworthy peers in a powerful and rewarding methodology. Learning and adaptability will be our foundations, because, for in life, they are fundamental truths.

The outcomes found in tactical performance, sports competition and combat are decided largely by more than just physical fitness. One’s life experience, their mental and emotional preparation, and the diversity within their functional fitness training are what win individual events, and become deciding factors when individuals compete or work as a team. Superior training in all of these modalities is a determining factor to success. Developing the spirit in an individual and a better understanding of where they are in relationship to the challenge is the most powerful force on the field.

We live in a society that is very much influenced by entitlement and comfort. Often seeking outcomes in life and physical performance that do not involve earning them through hard work, or understanding the power of learning about themselves as individual’s or while working in teams. A visit to a training experience at any typical gym offers the idea of what many in society think it means to be physically prepared; isolated training either in cardiovascular work or weight resistance training is not how any committed person should prepare for physical performance or the transference of that training environment to life. There must be relevance from the training environment to life and modern fitness is too often defined by appearance rather than work capacity and functional performance. Training environments which embrace appearance over performance will not produce superior physical performance and will not transfer what is earned in the training environment to life.

Stay Strong will begin in a “Buddy and Team” environment. Whether you come with a team, or are integrated into one, together you will face prescriptive challenges over a 12 week period that will transform you physically, emotionally and build upon your resilience and mental toughness, skills needed to navigate the many challenges in life. This experience is not about breaking our clients down. It is about teaching them to realize where they are currently, and realize how much capacity they have to develop, perform and experience life. Many of the principles you will experience are grounded in the foundations of special operations training in the military and law enforcement, and the highest level athletic endeavors. These people come as individuals and leave as teams with experiences and bonds that can last for a life time.

Are you ready to move your physical and spiritual self to a new horizon? Then come join us at Stay Strong. We guarantee you will appreciate the experience. A new phase of Stay Strong will begin Saturday, September 10, 2016 at 0730.  Please join us on the 10th or any Saturday afterwards.

Who We Are:

The training team at Stay Strong is specifically constructed to provide a diverse, effective and penetrating experience. The training team is blended with current and former operators from special operations (SO) teams in the military and law enforcement, and high level and professional former athletes. These professionals have developed and trained people from around the world, and have decades of combined experience improving the lives of those who serve and those on the field of competitive athletics.


Call of Duty, Call for Life


The Mission at Stay Strong is foundationally the development of an Attitude that promotes the spiritual, mental, and personal growth of our clients, and is transferable and relevant to life’s journey.


Service: To others above self

Integrity: You are what you do and how you live your life

Work Ethic: The path to success is punctuated by hard work and the reconstruction of self

Spirit: The development of a contagious desire to better one’s self, your team mates and your community

Relevance and Adaptation: Discovering one’s self, talents, weaknesses and intentions, and learning to adapt and become relevant in the face on any challenge


Stay Strong FAQ

STAY STRONG IS FOR YOU!  How do you overcome your own personal challenges? There are stresses in everyday life, but how do you cope?  Stay Strong is for everyone. It will grow you mentally, physically, and emotionally.  We will give you tools to help you overcome challenges within your everyday life including family, work and social environments.

Who are the instructors for this event?

Individuals with backgrounds in military and law enforcement special operations and Olympic level athletics.  Together, they developed a series of events that will challenge you physically, mentally and emotionally.

Why should I participate?

If you want to learn about your inner self and how to improve as an individual within a team environment. You will experience rapidly changing emotional experiences as to you perform each challenge. You must overcome your personal emotions to remain focused on task completion while interacting with others on your team experiencing their personal challenges.

What if I’m out of shape?

This is not a physical competition in the traditional sporting spirit. Achievement and success standards are not based on speed or strength criteria.  It is a journey, integrating what you bring to the environment, what you learn, and really how you transform what you learned to life when you leave. Stay Strong is not about tapping out participants, it is about tapping into participants!
What age group is the event for?

Any adult.

What can I expect to learn?

Stay Strong will be executed over 12 sessions on Saturdays starting at 0730 or 0800. Each session at Stay Strong will run longer in length, initially with 60 mins of work, 75 mins, 90 mins, etc.. Longer team events will be scheduled with input for all team members to insure participation and return on your investment.

The skills and concepts shared at Stay Strong have been tested and improved for decades in special operations and Olympic level athletic training. You will be taught the Stay Strong Philosophy; Psychological Resilience; Physical and Mental toughness; Life Skills transferable from the training environment to work and family; Goal Setting; Decision Making, Teamwork and Leadership; Segmenting; Compartmentalization; Combat Breathing, but most importantly a better understanding of WHO you really are in the face of challenge and how to reach your full potential at home, work or really any environment.

To accomplish these self-discovery experiences, Stay Strong is not designed to break you down physically or as an exhaustion event. Stay Strong provides an opportunity for you to experience your self-discovery of your strengths and weaknesses to identify how to interact with family, coworkers and social settings.

What should I bring? What should I wear?

Please come in comfortable clothing (workout or battle dress utilities) and footwear. Track the weather and include personal dress items you desire for exercising outdoors. Bring extra clothing to change into following the program.

 tips can you offer to prepare for Stay Strong?

The question presents a challenge in that we do not know how you have lived and prepared in life previously. Prior physical fitness training is recommended and here are a few standards to consider:

40 pushups for men and 25 for women
Pull-ups (assisted if necessary) or angled pull-ups
Run or run/walk 2 miles in interval sessions
Carry 25lbs with both hands or on your back
Prepared to move through a series of training evolutions throughout the day

What types of physical activities will the days entail and what if I have an injury?

Individual activities may include, moving on foot with weight, body weight or weighted exercises to challenge and improve your resilience.

Any recent or pre-existing injury will be examined by our training team before the candidate is allowed to participate. Remember injury is much different from physical discomfort.