Group Fitness

At The MAC we believe that fitness CAN BE fun. We run, we lift, we sprint, we laugh, we set our intention, and we break through boundaries. Strength in numbers. We do it together, as a family.

Personal Training

At The MAC We use evidence based scientific principals when designing your program that allows you to safely and effectively progress toward your goals and exceed them!

Bootcamp Fitness

Our Bootcamp program is a highly energetic cardio specific class that is fun, affordable and incredibly effective for the modern fitness enthusiast.

Strength Training

Yoga Classes

Self Defense

This class provides a simplistic and progressive approach to Self Defense.

TRX Bootcamp

  • Get toned and lose weight,
  • Develop and maintain a rock-solid core
  • Achieve a total body cardio and strength training workout in under an hour
  • Increase flexibility and endurance
  • All levels, all goals

Stay Strong Events

Stay Strong is about YOU! How do you overcome your own personal challenges? There are stresses in everyday life, but how do you cope? Stay Strong is for everyone. It will grow you mentally, physically, and emotionally.