Garrett Manibog
Group Instructor / Personal Trainer
Garrett is a Personal Trainer with over 10 years experience. Having worked with a diverse group of clients over the years he has become well versed in many aspects of fitness. He looks to improve all components of fitness in his clients ranging from balance to agility, to heart health and more. His main goal is to maintain his clients ability to live better longer.
Josh Bratzler
Group Instructor / Personal Trainer
Josh Bratzler is a certified personal trainer through The National Academy of Sports Medicine. He strives to help clients make their goals a reality, push them beyond limits they never thought were possible and encourage them that anything is possible. He has a passion to stay up to date with the latest fitness trends and is always trying to improve his knowledge of corrective exercise. Josh is married with 2 children. He loves working out, playing golf and basketball and enjoys watching football, golf and basketball.
Hilary Hewlett
Yoga Instructor
Hilary started attending classes four years ago to help with hip pain and quickly realized all the beautiful benefits of yoga beyond the physical. Working with the breath, the mind and the body in harmony was a new concept to her. Utilizing those tools she can now breathe deeper and feels she has become a better mommy, wife, daughter, sister and friend. Most empowering, yoga has helped her through the healing process after suffering great loss and grief. Hilary feels blessed to be able to share these tools with her students so they too can realize what yoga has to offer beyond the physical. Although the benefits do not happen overnight, with practice and guidance, her students are encouraged to take these tools off the mat and integrate them into their daily lives. You will often find Hilary smiling or laughing as her main goal is to foster a warm, welcoming and fun environment for students of all ages and abilities. She wants all to know that yoga is for EveryONE and EveryBODY.
Nina Brunetti
Group Instructor / Personal Trainer
Nina has a passion for fitness and a drive to succeed. She was a collegiate athlete having played volleyball at UC Davis and has stayed active and engaged in fitness ever since. Her background in athletics and knowledge of training, combined with her enthusiasm and motivation, will help you achieve your goals to become a healthier happier you!
Ash Cramond
Group Instructor / Personal Trainer
Ash has been in the Health and Fitness industry for 15 plus years. As an ACE certified Personal Trainer and a Level One Crossfit Coach he has worked with a wide variety of people with many different goals. Ash’s continuing education credits include working with elderly clients and their special needs, Pre and post natal health, Golf specific training, Weight loss and Lifestyle Management and his specialty and passion is teaching people about proper nutrition and its role in living a healthy lifestyle. Growing up in Australia, Ash was exposed to a wide variety of sports, including many different water sports. His current passions are Mountain Biking and chasing his two very energetic boys around. His main goal when it comes to working out and helping people is to make it fun.
Jacob Chaparian